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Uganda is a landlocked country located in East Africa. It is bordered on the east by Kenya, on the north by South Sudan, on the west by the Democratic Republic or Congo, on the southwest by Rwanda and on the south by Tanzania. A large part of Southern Uganda includes Lake Victoria, shared with Kenya and Tanzania.Huge africa Map.indd

It is one of the poorest 25 countries in the world, over a third of the country live under the poverty line with two thirds of these children under 5.

Life expectancy in the UK is 81 whereas in Uganda it is just 54. Sanitation is poor with 40% of rural homes living off unclean drinking water.

Whilst over 90% of children in Uganda are enrolled at primary school, only 55% will complete a full course of primary school.




Nabugabo is a small community made up of three villages; BBale, Bukumbula and Kayugi with a population of around 1500 people. It is situated in the South of Uganda, on the shore of Lake Nabugabo.

Nabugabo map

The nearest shops and decent medical facilities are 32 kilometres in distant Masaka, a town along dirt roads that flood often during the rainy season, which all but cuts off Nabugabo from all neighboring communities. The nearest health clinic is a little closer, in Ssunga, 7km away, but this clinic lacks funding and medical supplies.


A few facts about Nabugabo: IMG_6798

– Only 1 household in the community has a car

– Over 1 in 4 children are orphans

– As many as 40% of the adult population may be HIV positive.

– Only 9 homes, including a Police Post, has access to either mains or solar electricity.

– The majority of the population depend upon water carried from the lake in 23 litre jerrycans (or slightly smaller for the ‘little guys’), twice a day, often for over 3 km each return trip.


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*UNESCO Institute for Statistics