Start of a New Year

We were delighted to return from the long break over Christmas to start the new school year. The addition of the P3 class has raised enrolment to 99 cheerful, motivated, and enthusiastic children all kitted out with shoes and school uniforms – thank you so much Headingon School, and all ten NCLC staff wear their blue T. shirts with great pride … thank you Bassaleg school!

Jessica, our former headteacher, has moved on to seek new horizons and Chandiiru Enida has assumed the Lead Teacher with confidence and great enthusiasm. Nabulime Rose has returned to teach Nursery and we are delighted to welcome to new teachers to the school: Namutebi Faridah who works with the P3 class and Akoth Babra who teaches P1. We are truly fortunate to have a great team of dynamic, committed educators.

It would take some time to relay the range of events at the beginning of term in writing. Please see the attached document which is an alternative attempt to demonstrate some of the excitement and activities in the first week of term, hoping that a photograph might tell a thousand words.

The construction of the three new classrooms should be completed by the end of next week. One classroom will become an I.T room with the addition of 9 computers generously donated by the Jasani Foundation and the International School of Uganda. This really is an exciting quantum leap forward for not only the school but also the community at large.

We now share the school grounds with three ducks, twelve chickens and three sheep! The school farm also includes a one acre plot of cassava and an acre of eucalyptus trees. The Nabugabo Dairy herd now has 75 cows distributed amongst 73 community members with their zero grazing stalls and we hope to begin to build a milk cooling/storage station within the next few weeks. Every Wednesday and Saturday the roundhouse hosts training sessions for the Nabugabo Drum and Dance Group which was formed two months ago. To date they have given three dynamic public performances which were very well received. They also proved conclusively that ‘white men cannot dance’!

Ready to start the new school year

Ready to start the new school year