Nabugabo Community Learning Centre


Drumming during school assembly

Drumming during school assembly

The Nabugabo Community Learning Centre (NCLC) was created by David and Judy Batten and opened

its doors in February 2013 with the enrolment of 60 children from deprived local families aged 3 – 7.  Virtually all educational costs are covered by local and international sponsors.

The school currently has 112 children, aged 4-12 years of age. There are five fully qualified teachers and two teaching assistants. The school has a cook, a site manager and an accountant.

There are presently five classes – P1 (primary 1) to P5. The intention is, with the support of the HUGE Partnership to add P6 in 2018 and P7 in 2019. The school has an extensive library and play facilities.  Teachers are given guidance in teaching techniques to promote an interactive education system. In addition, the school offers a small dedicated boarding facility for vulnerable young girls, again supported by HUGE.

Virtually all educational costs are covered by HUGE on the clear understanding that all parents/guardians of children enrolled must demonstrate active involvement in the education of the children in their care, the sustainable development of the community and the preservation of the environment as a whole.

NCLC’s motto is ‘Education for Life’. Its broad aim is to develop inquiring, independent, informed and caring life-long learners who will help to create a better and more peaceful world. The NCLC education programme is geared to foster proactive, dynamic, altruistic problem-solvers who will work and lead activities within local communities, and further afield, to help ensure a just, safe, healthy and sustainable future for all – for their families, their local community, their nation and the natural environment upon which we are all totally dependent.

There are numerous ongoing community projects including the building of lattrines, repair and building work to housing within the community and provision of training and education in learning new skills.