While education is vitally important … simply staying alive must clearly be a more pressing priority.

Malaria –

According to the Uganda Ministry for Health, the WHO and the Malaria Consortium, malaria takes about 300 lives a day … over 60% of these malaria associated deaths are young children below the age of five years. The Malaria Consortium reports that Uganda has the 3rd highest death rate from malaria in Africa, almost 1 in every 10 deaths in children below the age of five are caused by malaria.


Within Masaka District at least one in every ten people (children and adults) are HIV positive and one in every five children are orphans. The incidence of HIV/AIDs remains on the rise. Masaka continues to be one of the epicentres of this pandemic within East Africa for a variety of complex reasons. Much can be written about this ‘curse’… simply expressed, a powerful HIV/AIDs awareness/support programme would be simply life-saving.

NCLC Sickbay

There are limited healthcare facilities within the local vicinity so NCLC, through the support of HUGE, has created its own sickbay incorporating basic treatment and day care facilities. This has enabled basic illnesses and ailments to be treated early rather than being left too late and causing potentially life threatening contitions.
An interactive partnership has been created with local Suunga Health Clinic (13km distance) to enhance the direct medical care of the local Nabugabo community. There is no local transport other than privately run Bodas (motorbikes) which act as taxis.