Sponsor a Child

Why sponsor a child?

There is no free education in Uganda today, and the hidden cost of schooling prohibits the majority of rural families from providing a basic education for their children. It is estimated that only 43% of children finish primary education with 57% dropping out, in the majority of cases due to extreme poverty.

Sponsor a child today

These children have all experienced challenges most of us can only imagine: hunger, violence, HIV/AIDS deaths in their families, disease, etc. Rural populations have less access to education, health care, and opportunities for improvement. At the source of all of these problems is a lack of education. We provide them with the opportunity to improve their lives by allowing them to attend school. The HUGE Partnership will liberate children from the cycle of poverty by providing them with an education to meet the demands of a changing world and you can help by sponsoring a child for just £16.70 a month.


Where your money goes

100% of sponsorship donations goes towards the care of the child, with no deductions for UK or Ugandan administrative costs.

Your sponsorship will cover:

  • All education costs
  • Two meals a day
  • Health Care
  • Uniform and shoes
  • Casual clothing
  • Loving care of the child
  • Support of the sponsored child’s family


How to sponsor a child

We have a number of children in need of sponsorship today. We will help you select the child you sponsor and send you an initial information package about your child. This includes a photo of your sponsored child, their name, and some background information about their childhood and circumstances.  Sponsorship costs just £200 a year and can be made on a monthly basis of £16.70, or alternatively by a single donation of £200. This can be paid through our Virgin Giving site where you will also have the option for signing up to Gift Aid. Signing up for Gift Aid makes your gift worth more – without costing you a penny extra. It allows us to reclaim 25p from the UK government for every £1 you’ve donated. If you’re a UK taxpayer, simply tick the Gift Aid box.

We will send you school reports on your child´s progress and regular updates on our work in Uganda.DSC08891

You are welcome to send letters to your sponsored child, and children like receiving letters. However, we don’t make children reply to every letter. Some children do so themselves and sometimes they correspond frequently with sponsors, dependent upon their age and ability. Our primary concern is the welfare and happiness of the child, and we would like the child to feel the love and support they are getting is unconditional.

Sponsors are always welcome to visit our project and we will be happy to discuss the options that are available.


Please email thehugepartnership@hotmail.com for further information on sponsoring a child with the HUGE Partnership.


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