Emma’s #HUGE Challenge

I’m Emma, the technology/website/social media ‘person’ and ever since visiting Nabugabo and meeting the community I have wanted to do something more to support the HUGE Partnership.

2016 has become the year and the #HUGE Challenge was born; 9 challenges in 9 months culminating in riding from London to Paris in 24 hours. The challenges are a combination of cycling and outdoor swimming plus a booze and sugar free January (I am between knee surgeries hence the mix of challenges and the 9 months rather than 12!)

So far all on track (just!); turns out outdoor swimming is considerably harder in Springtime England than I ever realised and I had a bit of a false start with my first 2km attempt in 6° water – only managed 1km before being forced out from the cold! Thankfully I was headed to Florida for a holiday and managed to complete the 2km out there instead. Acclimatisation training is now in full swing for the 3

Frozen feet, HUGE Challenge

My feet post 1km in 6° water!

km swim!

If you’d like to sponsor me, I am aiming to raise £1000 for HUGE and you can find my page here…and if you’d just like to follow the journey you can find me on twitter @ebats2010

HUGE Challenge