Emma’s HUGE Challenge #L2P24

Following an update earlier in the year Emma has now successfully completed all 9 challenges and raised a staggering £4000 for the HUGE Partnership. This will support 20 children for an entire year including providing them with 2 meals a day, education, clothing, medicine and support for the family if needed. Thank you so so much to Emma and the team!

Hear about the final challenges below.


April – August

The challenges stepped up a notch after March and April was one of the hardest of the lot – 3000m swim in an outdoor pool. When I set myself this challenge I definitely didn’t think through the fact that April can be pretty chilly and despite waiting until the end of the month in the hope it would warm up…it then snowed! So on a cold Saturday morning 3000m in 12º water was on the cards. I had every extra layer possible included fleece leggings under my wetsuit to try and keep me warm. The coldest and most painful 70 minutes of my life later and it was done, 4/9 challenges completed!

May onwards saw a few more swims and a couple of rides including a very hilly 100km through Cornwall – all excellent prep for the final and hardest challenge…

London to Paris in 24 hours

The final challenge! With a team of 4 other riders and our support car we set off from a rainy London at 4pm with all eyes on arriving in Paris 300km and 24 hours later. It was an incredible experience, unbelievably tough and we made it with just 10 minutes to spare – 23hours and 50 minutes. The photos and video give you a much better insight than I could manage!